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MC RoadRunner is a man that always has a list of motorbikes wanted and is willing to pay top money for exquisite late model sports bikes, naked bikes, streetfighters & cruisers. If you happen to own a motorcycle that has been damaged or has smashed parts, MCRR will always be willing to take the bike off your hands for what the bike is reasonably worth.

KTM 990 superduke mcrrboxer bmw gsDucati rebuildsr500 frame build

MCRR prides himself on being a genuine bike sales figure in the motorcycle trading culture around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers regions. MCRR is looking specifically to buy Ducati’s, BMW Boxer’s and Moto Guzzi’s with almost everything in between. MCRR loves to buy and customise Japanese motorcycles.

However if the set of two wheels has been engineered in a country besides Japan, then you can bet that MC RoadRunner would be interested in buying it. If you think MCRR may want to buy your motorcycle, please call him during daylight business hours for a detailed appraisal of what your bike may be worth.

MC RoadRunner is ready and willing to negotiate on agreeable terms for all two wheel related purchases. Trades are also a possibility depending on the nature of exactly which motorbikes are being considered for trade or sale. To see a list of MCRR’s current motorcycles for sale, click this link.

The list of motorbikes wanted by MCRR goes quite far with his scope of motorcycle skills to match. However it is important to remember that a motorbike must always be within reasonable quality and condition for MCRR to take a serious interest in purchase or swap.

If your motorcycle has a solid frame and motor, and has a classically styled yet elegant appearance, please drop MC RoadRunner a line if you are looking to part ways with your bike.

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