Harley Davidson Superlow

When you throw some nice tall bars, comfy seat and some carbon fibre at a harley that has had it’s footpegs moved way back, it seems to conjure up a tasty situation nearly every time.

A Harley Davidson is a special type of motorcycle and upon realising this, MCRR made the appropriate subtle changes.

Taken to the strange territory of road cafe scrambler, this Harley is sleek and low to the ground as well as having a sitting position that begs oneself to exert control over doing wheelies in potentially “busy” areas.

Project categories: Cafe Racer, Naked

Harley dirt stunts
custom harley photoshoot
Harley Davidson Cafe Racer
Foot down harley turn
Harley Davidson off road
Harley davidson dirt cloud
Harley dirt stunt
Harley superlow cafe racer babe
Back wheel style harley
Harley Davidson wheelie
Close up Harley Wheelie
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