The Villain Ducati 1098S

Ducati 1098S Cafe Racer

The Villain is the first and certainly not the last addition in MCRR’s most recent misbehaved generation of super motorbike thumpers.

Steve (MCRR) takes the time and patience involved in creating such a unique motorcycle build, and then transforms the very idea at its foundation to bring forth the brutal yet cheeky styling and sophistication of suave personal taste mixed in with a factory beautiful finish.

MCRR has created an exact style brought on by imaginative thought processes and testing, with the final outcome having him hand craft the rear tail piece into the early hours of most mornings until The Villain was complete.

The Villain does not just save you kilograms worth of weight and promote your inner demon to run amok, but reliably performs just as hot as it presents, thundering its way down the street on the back wheel. To say the least about the once fared Ducati 1098S; it really is more than your average bear…

Cafe Racer*

The Villain 2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore

Project categories: Cafe Racer, Superbike

custom ducati 1098s the villain
3 images custom Ducati 1098
mid body shot custom ducati 1098s
Shot of MCRR's ducati villain
Villain ducati 1098s dash and bars
Custom motorcycle seat
Ducati custom clutch cover carbon
The Villain Ducati 1098s rearview
hand made fiberglass Ducati tail
Wheelie on custom ducati 1098s
custom Ducati 1098s stoppie
the Villain Ducati 1098S dog
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